Tonight I am in peace...

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Sitting in bed The sound of waves breaking Soft rain splashing It is cold outside But my window stays open The fresh smell of clean air No need for oxygen concentrator No air purifier, no humidifier The fresh smell of pines I am alone with my thoughts Thankful beyond believe My road to now has been long and hard Sometimes pain unbearable Sometimes I walked A lot of times God carried me Sometimes I faltered Other times I ran Anger, bitterness, disappointments I am only human after all I thank God for all in my life Tonight I am at peace Beautiful, blissful peace...

Natasha MJ Spira

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Today I say...

Today I say it as it is The country that is my home Treated my like bloody shit The people are horrid Blasphemous and immoral Just because I am not Italian Does not mean I am without feelings I have a

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