Some day the pain will stop... 

Some day the pain will stop Some day I will be ok Some day I will be free of their lies Some day I hope they find happiness Some day I hope they find love Their love I never had Their abuse I had to live Their degradation I suffered Their hate I endured Now I have someone that care Now I have love in my life A love that is honest Acceptance that is true God give me strength To make it all the way Give me the guidance I need The light that brightens my day Please forgive me the way I feel And grant me the wisdom I need Let me face with strength and courage And keep my heart pure and filled with love....

© Natasha MJ Spira (2013)

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Today I say...

Today I say it as it is The country that is my home Treated my like bloody shit The people are horrid Blasphemous and immoral Just because I am not Italian Does not mean I am without feelings I have a

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