Grazie Thank You (English)

This page is dedicated to say Thank You to everybody that goes beyond expectations to give us all a better life. To say thank you for the sacrifices, the long hours. To say thank you where others only criticize and judge, demand or feel entitled to everything. Life is not just about demands and entitlement, life gives more by saying Thank You, for everything, even if you think it is against constitutions, unions, etc. On social media, videos, government bodies, news channels. There is almost nothing left in newsfeeds or live streaming about anything positive or uplifting. The world is infested with protests, propaganda, slander, filth, to name but a few. From governments to the man in the street. I feel it is time to start making a difference, and that difference does not come from anybody else but ourselves.

Although the page reflects Italian and English, everybody around the world are welcome to post something they are grateful for or to say thank you to whoever made a difference in their lives, may it be for a small thing or a life changing event. Thank you is not used enough and I feel we can be more united in giving thanks than to protest, slander, judge, etc.

#Grazie #Thankyou #1nation1world #dpcm #life #love

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